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Patrick Gross


After more than a decade in pharmaceutical supply chain and project management, Patrick made the transition to a job he enjoyed during the first two summers of college- building houses.  He found tremendous pleasure in building something you can be proud of, in a predictable manner, and utilizing professional tools and processes.


When Patrick and his wife Kelly moved to Atlanta in 2012, he enrolled in what he considered his apprenticeship training by working for an outstanding in-town builder.  After many years and three small children finally getting out of diapers, he decided it was time to build on his own, and began Heritage Homes of Atlanta with the intention to build beautiful projects with high caliber teammates and those that are interested in providing outstanding results and service to his clients.


Heritage Homes believes in being purposeful, and encourages the use of talented designers, architects, and craftsmen.  By investing the necessary time and hiring the right team, your house will stand the test of time and live for future generations.  It is the goal of Heritage Homes to be the last group you will ever contact for any of your home's needs. 

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